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Problem solving wheel

Do you have a big problem or a small problem? If you have a big problem, find an adult you trust. If you have a small problem, remember you are smart enough and strong enough to solve it on your own. Choose two options from the Problem Solving Wheel (PSW).

PSW - English

PSW - Spanish

Lucia Jamieson

I am the proud Marvin Avenue School Psychologist. I am here to support the Stallion family by conducting psycho-educational assessments, interpreting findings of individual cases, evaluating the results of tests, counseling students per IEP goal, participating in IEP meetings, participating in prevention and intervention activities by promoting pre-referral intervention supports and assisting with progress monitoring, as well as providing information to school staff and parents regarding developmental expectations in language/communication, social skills, behavior and cognitive abilities as they relate to learning.

I also collaborate with teachers and staff regarding pre-referral intervention strategies for academic and social-emotional achievement. Collaborate with community agencies to facilitate service provision for students and families.

I hope you find the resources in this website useful!

Virtual windows

Visit Ms. Jamieson's Calming Corner or practice some mindfulness yoga!

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Parent workshops

Parent resources

Parent Resource GuIde
Parent Resource Guide includes helpful tips to deal with:
  1. Conflict Resolution
  2. School Readiness
  3. Anxiety & Depression
  4. Loss & Grief
  5. Coping Skills
  6. Covid-19 Quarantine
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