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Ms. Preciado

Intervention coordinator

Hello Marvin Avenue Family!


My name is Ms. Preciado. As Intervention Coordinator, my goal is to provide and facilitate the academic and behavioral support our students deserve.


What this looks like:


I work alongside teachers with the goal of targeting student literacy needs using data. This consists of coordinating grade level and school wide data analysis professional developments so teachers are able to group students based on their needs. I facilitate the implementation of our Academy groups through the Early Language and Literacy Program (E.L.L.P). I provide small group instruction in foundational reading skills.



The purpose of the SSPT is to function as a school-based problem solving team. This team is composed primarily of general educators who provide support to teachers to improve the quality of the general education program and reduce the underachievement of students.



Spring Tutoring for ELA and MATH!




Positive School Wide Social Culture

We have a weekly raffle to promote our 3 B's! Be safe, Be respectful and Be responsible.

Staff is encouraged to spot students demonstrating these qualities. Students are given a raffle ticket and it is placed in a box. On Friday's, I pull some tickets and announce them. Students are given a prize in the main office. 


Student of the Month


We Celebrate Student Success by highlighting different student attributes. Our themes include:

Safe with a Positive Attitude

A positive student listens and follows directions, and exhibits a positive attitude towards students/teachers when speaking. A safe student is mindful of the rules meant to keep themselves and others safe. They are mindful of mask wearing and other safety measures. 

Literary Scholar

A student who engages in collaborative conversations to discuss a text or current event.  Is able to make inferences from the text and make connections to the real world.


The student treats others with respect, is tolerant of differences, uses good manners, does not use bad language, is considerate of the feelings of others, and deals peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements.

Most Improved

A student who improved overall in any or all of the following areas: attendance, behavior, reading, math.


The student is responsible for completing classroom and homework assignments, and being responsible for his/her conduct at school.

Math Problem Solver

A student who thinks critically and is able to solve problems in ways that make sense to them using real world contexts.  Students engage in discussion and are able to explain to others how he/she solved a problem.


A student who is kind will be compassionate, shows that they care, expresses gratitude, forgives others and helps those in need. 

Most Improved

A student who improved overall in any or all of the following areas: attendance, behavior, reading, math.