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Special Education Programs at Marvin 

Autism Core Curriculum 


Special Day Class

K-2  Ms. Mejia

3-5  Ms. Williams

Special Education Programs

Marvin Avenue supports diverse learners.  


Special Education Service are specifically designed instruction to meet the unique education needs of the children with disabilities who meets the criteria under law. The special education process determines whether or not your child is eligible for special education and related services and if so what special education and related services are appropriate for your child.

The process contains four basic step:

1. Referral for Assessment

2. Assessment

3. Development and Implementation of an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

4. IEP Review


Special education provides a continuum of program options to students found eligible for special education.  

1. Resource specialist program (RSP) provides:

a. Instruction and services for students whose needs have been identified in an IEP and who are     assigned to regular classrooms for the majority of the school day.

b. Coordination of special education services with regular school programs for students with           disabilities enrolled in the resource specialist program.

c. Services in different models (i.e collaborative planning and teaching, direct instruction to               students, consultation with staff and parents.)

2. Special Day Program (SDP) 

a.The SDP-Core Curriculum program is designed for students with disabilities who are participating on the general education/core curriculum and are working toward a high school diploma.

b. Students enrolled in SDP-Core Curriculum programs are assigned to special education classroom teachers for a majority of a school day (usually more than 50%), and those minutes are counted as outside the general education program.

c. Whenever appropriate and feasible, students from the SDP-Core Curriculum program may be included/mainstreamed in general education classes or programs, especially when a particular course or activity is not offered within the special day program.

d. The curriculum to be used in SDP- Core Curriculum programs is the District approved core curriculum, and teachers may supplement the curriculum with targeted or intensive materials and instruction as appropriate.

Special Education Programs

Special Education Programs

Special Education Programs